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Being An Adult, Do I Get An Award For That?

Hey Guys, Hey!

Do you ever get done with a day and think to yourself:

That was a long day!

I’m so glad this day is over!

I hated today!

I need a friggin’ drink!

Is today ever going to end!?!

Someone may die today if they are not careful!

Is it Friday yet?

I am going to punch them in the throat! (I don’t know maybe this one is just me.)

I deserve an award, ribbon, trophy or some kind of sh*t for today!  Yeah, I am with ya (and sometimes these thoughts don’t even make it to the end of the day).

One of the things I like to do when I am feeling down or stressed is to do something kind for some one else (you may have been a victim of my snail mail hustle).  It makes me feel better – you kind of forget your own problems for a little bit.

Some days it is hard to even get out of bed!  Life has a way of getting you worn down and depressed.  So rather than give you some inspirational quote or a list of things you will never do to make yourself feel better, I thought, why not give an award!  They could be a fun way to get smiling or someone else smiling!  Plus I love to do stuff like this!  So I went ahead and made some award pins for things that you really do deserve to get an award for!!!!  Things that seem funny because, you are supposed to just do this stuff as part of life- but some days, damn it, they are hard!

Look at this (Snapchat filters are amazing)!  I am such an angel that I have a friggin’ halo AND an award for being NICE!!!! HA!

Print one out or send it via email or text to someone (or yourself) that could really use the recognition.  You know….  a co-worker – who is having a bad morning, your kid – wiped his own damn butt, your sibling or parents- made it through the Holidays without saying something rude, the list goes on.  These awards that I made are more of an every day kind of success.  Check them out!

NOTICE: If you do not have a sense of humor about life I recommend not reading these.  You clearly would not understand the power of them to bring smiles. (Just sayin’)


I mean, really, we all know someone that deserves to have these (that may include yourself)!  Life is not what we have designed in our minds but we sure as hell can have some fun with this undesigned life of ours!

Design on, in this beautifully undesigned life,



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