Hi Guys, Hi!


I’m Kari Liddicoat, of Liddicoat Designs.

First let’s get this out of the way….  Yes,  Liddicoat is like a small jacket.  HA! Cute isn’t it!  Moving on-


I am a designer of all things in life –

The Mom/Wife Life

The home/work life

The fun/happy/creative life

We all know, life is hard, and in the words of my father, “life sucks”.  My perfectly designed life hasn’t gone as planned (insert shocked emoji).  I live with, “My Boys”, in my not so dreamy, busy street, small town Wisconsin home with my husband, Carl, whom now suffers chronic pain with a debilitating diagnosis that prove to be a challenge every day of his life.  And my only son Forrest.  We are blessed to have one earthly child along with two heavenly babies.  And of course that is just the tip of the iceberg.  As I have learned nothing ever goes as planned and good fortune seems to find everyone but you and me!


I am learning to take all of my misfortunes, bad vibes and undesigned curve balls and punch them in the face!  This blog is a platform to enjoy life and maybe get up dust off and redesign life again and again!  Your life deserves a little bit of joy and a sprinkle of fun.  This lifestyle blog is where we’ll try new things, embrace new and old, try some half-ass DIY, probably throw some bad cooking attempts in there and get a little personal – all in the pursuit of designing our undesigned life!