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Lollipop Framed Art with a Sweet Quote


Lollipop Framed Art with a Sweet Quote

This DIY ended up not being so half-assed.  It took a little longer than I anticipated.

I super LOVE to color.  It is my way of relaxing and sorting things out in my head.  I colored this picture of a Lollipop with bright neonish colors.  Isn’t it so cute?!!  I really love it – the picture itself makes me happy.  So, my first thought is…..  what can I do to this so that I can see it everyday???  Well, duh Kari, add a quote, frame it and hang it in the kitchen.  Perfect!

Now it was time to decide what to put on it this amazing picture.  I must say, this was the hardest part!  I started with song lyrics.  They were all very 90’s inspired.  Which I love but just wasn’t feeling it, for example, “I Want Candy”, “Candy Shop” or “Lolly Lolly Adverbs”.  Nope.  Those weren’t going to cut it.  Then what about listing the ingredients – that was a big fat no because, I have no idea what those ingredients even are!  Finally, I thought about some sugar quotes like: Dreams taste like Candy or Lollipops, Life is short make it sweet, Life isn’t always sweet, eat the damn treat, Life is a combination of magic and candy.  Then I finally settled on the quote, “Kindness is like sugar, it makes life taste a little sweeter,” by Carla Yerovi.  That was the one!

I whipped out my computer and Silhouette to make the letters in vinyl (here is the Silhouette that I have and the vinyl).  I needed to decide where exactly this quote was going to go on the lollipop. That was my answer – on the lollipop.  I found a font that I loved and then started to design.  Don’t forget to measure so that it fits in your area how you had envisioned it.  Once the design of the quote was done, it was time to cut the vinyl out.  Another option if you do not have a Silhouette are stencils or free hand draw on the picture.

I also had to find a frame.  My thoughts were to go very clean and simple or super gaudy.  Gaudy it was!  Forrest and I put some black paint on the frame – to help draw out the black in the lettering.  But not perfectly painted, because I wanted some of that fantastic gaudy gold to shine through!  You know I just love this frame!


After everything was dry and I had applied the vinyl to the lollipop picture we had to cut it down to size, place it in the frame and BOOM!  There we go!  It is pretty cute and it will make a “sweet” piece for the wall (ha ha – pun intended :)).


I hope you enjoyed this sweet little DIY (okay-okay, I get it, enough with the puns!)


Design on, in this beautifully undesigned life,


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