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Summer is Shitty


So let’s talk about summer.  Summer can be real shitty…… sorry to those of you that like summer.  The vacays are great, the warmer weather is ……ok, just ok.  All the outdoor parties, county fairs, concerts, pool days/evenings, ice cream, blooming flowers and so on.

From that one word “ok”, I’m sure you can tell that I do not dig summer all that much.

I am a pale redhead, that hates the way my body looks.  You will find me standing in any shady spot that can be found in the surrounding area.

I hate being hot, I always get some level of sunburn, all red and blotchy, maybe some “swamp ass” and  my makeup runs off.  That is a bad situation!  Shorts and tank tops are just not an option in my mind, frankly I will not wear them because I hate how I look in them.  I will even make excuses to not go places because it is “too hot” or whatever I can come up with.  Why you ask?  It seems silly.

This all comes down to being self-conscious about my body.  That includes my hair color, my pasty skin and the size of my body.  I am 34 freakin’ years old and I still can’t wear shorts or a sleeveless shirt  because some kid in 6th grade made an asshole comment about my body and hair color.  What the hell!  I love to follow all these body positive blogs and Instagramers.  They are very inspiring.  I might even go out and buy a dress or swimsuit (that I will never wear) because they inspired me so much!  But by the time it comes in the mail (because it would be an impulse buy) and I have tried it on and looked in the mirror – I hate myself.  Why, why, why……  these other girls can embrace and love themselves for how their body, hair or whatever was designed by nature for them – why can’t I do the same!!!!  How am I going to survive the summer!  Our family likes to be outside playing, gardening, going for walks, drawing with sidewalk chalk…….the list goes on.

I can talk all day about losing weight to finally feel like I can wear shorts and a tank top.  But let’s be real here, there is no way in hell I am going to give up going for a truck ride and getting a freshly scooped ice cream cone at the lake.  Or out to dinner and drinks with the girls.  Or even just because I want a damn cookie.  I will not starve (I did that for far too many years) because that will be bad for all parties around me.  If I am hot AND hungry – bad news, bad news folks!

Then that leads to finding outfits that are cool, that in my mind are not shorts and tank tops.  I can’t be buying new clothes all the time and I do not really love to wear skirts or dresses…… now what?

Change the way you think and see yourself.  Be proud of who you are as an individual.  That is all wonderful to help build yourself up and I can preach that all day long, but when I get home and am getting dressed, the mean girl appears in the mirror and tells me that I look like a corpulent, almost glowing, gross person…… now what?

I know, I am not alone in this world with feelings like this and I do not know the answer to fix it, but I do have some ideas to help with how you and I see ourselves.  I need this as a reminder to myself almost daily.  Body issues run deep so hopefully one of these suggestions will help you when you are having self doubt when you are getting dressed.

Let’s make this the summer we switch things up!  Switch our thinking so that when we step out for the day, feeling great in our skin not just our clothes.



I made this into a pretty print out so that you can use it for your very own inspiration!  You deserve to feel beautiful!

Shape Switch


Let’s step out feeling and looking good all in the pursuit of designing our undersigned life!