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3 Ways To Beautify A Milk Carton Dollar Spot Find For Gift Giving


Hey Guys, Hey!


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to wrap gifts!  You just threw up in your mouth a little bit – I know you did!

For real though, I do love to wrap gifts!

It is so exciting when you give someone a beautifully wrapped gift – it’s like a gift in a gift!

So here I wanted to show you 3 ways in which I decorated (plus examples of what I would put in them) cardboard milk cartons from the Target Dollar Spot (llllluuuuuvvvvveeeeee the Dollar Spot – no shame).


I wanted to show you some ways to give some thoughtful gifts without spending a ton of money and how to decorate with things you may have around your house.  Starting with….


Bubble Gum Carton


Milk Carton from Target Dollar Spot

Elmers Glitter Glue

Half Dome Silver Beads (that I took off of a shirt before I threw it away because I ruined in the washer-oopps)

Gift Tags (from A Beautiful Mess, Happy Mail & Messy Box – I may be slightly obsessed with this – just sayin’)

Decorative Twine

 Gum Goodies




First before you put anything in this, you have to decorate it.   That’s what this post is about…..  remember 😉  I recommend keeping it flat to decorate. Once you have it decorated and it is dry, flip it over and decorate the other side.  If you put it together, then decorate it, it makes it so the glue could run and your beads may slide off.  To get started use the Elmers Glitter Glue to attach the Half Dome Silver Beads on one flat side only.  I also put some dots of glue just to add color – to amp up the pinkish bubble gum theme.  Toss some tissue paper in there, put your gum goodies in there, add a fun summery tag and finally tie it all shut with coordinating pink twine.  Done. It is so cute!






I did not just put in Bubble Yum and Bubble Tape- 2 packs of gum does not cut it.

Fill that sucker full!

If you are going to give a greatly wrapped gift – the gift inside has to be better than the packaging!

You do not have to spend a ton of money, you just have to be thoughtful.

So put in some Big League Chew, little packs of gum and a ton of Double Bubble.

The gift receiver will be fully stocked.



Next up…

Cars & Candy Carton


Milk Carton from Target Dollar Spot

Colorful Brads

Gift Tags (from A Beautiful Mess, Happy Mail & Messy Box – linked up above)

Decorative Twine

Matchbox Cars & Candy





First before you put anything in this, you have to decorate it.  To decorate this, I found it easiest to undo the glued seam so that the entire milk carton can lay flat in one solid piece.  Then take a small screw driver and poke holes all over it.  Make sure that your holes are small enough so that the brad does not slip all the way through.  Then add the brads and glue the container back together.

To keep it a little more masculine use some blue tissue paper, added a funky tag and decorative twine to tie it all shut.

Done.  Isn’t this tag the cutest!?! Thanks ABM!

I asked my son, Forrest if he thought this was “boy enough”, he shrugged his shoulders and said yeah.  I’ll take that as a success.



Fill It Up

Time to fill it up with goodies!  I let Forrest (my son) pick out what cars he wanted and some candy.  He was pumped – he thinks we need to do gift blogs ALL the time – yeah- I bet he does!  Insert eye roll emoji.

Forrest went with 4 Matchbox cars and an Oreo Candy Bar.  It ended up being around $5.

Don’t forget…..

You do not have to spend a ton of money to give a cool gift.  Wrapping it in fun ways adds to the “coolness” of it 🙂



Next up…

Glitter & Gold Candy Carton


Milk Carton from Target Dollar Spot

Elmers Glitter Glue/or any glue – it will not be seen

Gold Pineapple Washi Tape

Adhesive Glitter Letters (also from the Dollar Spot at Target)

Little Pocket Picture Holder and Sticker for the Gift Tag

Decorative Twine




Remember……  decorate first.  To decorate this, do the same as the Cars & Candy Carton, it easiest to undo the glued seam so that the entire milk carton can lay flat in one solid piece.  Then take the Washi tape and diagonally put it on the carton.  Trim the edges, to have a clean finish.   Then glue the container back together.  Add the glitter letters (I ended up gluing them because they would not stick to the glossy washi tape).  Add the little pocket photo holder, slapped a sticker on it and attached it with some gold twine to close it up.


Let me tell you….  the glitter was EVERYWHERE!!






This was filled to the brim with all kinds of chocolate.

And you will notice I stuck a cupcake chap-stick in there just in case you need it from all the chocolate.


If you are going to give a greatly wrapped gift – the gift inside has to be better than the packaging!

You do not have to spend a ton of money you just have to be thoughtful.

AND……  Chocolate makes everything better……right!?!?!?!





So there you go.  Some fun, unconventional and easy ways to give a thoughtful gift!

Keep on designing in this undesigned life,





Bright & Colorful, DIY, Wall Art

Lollipop Framed Art with a Sweet Quote


Lollipop Framed Art with a Sweet Quote

This DIY ended up not being so half-assed.  It took a little longer than I anticipated.

I super LOVE to color.  It is my way of relaxing and sorting things out in my head.  I colored this picture of a Lollipop with bright neonish colors.  Isn’t it so cute?!!  I really love it – the picture itself makes me happy.  So, my first thought is…..  what can I do to this so that I can see it everyday???  Well, duh Kari, add a quote, frame it and hang it in the kitchen.  Perfect!

Now it was time to decide what to put on it this amazing picture.  I must say, this was the hardest part!  I started with song lyrics.  They were all very 90’s inspired.  Which I love but just wasn’t feeling it, for example, “I Want Candy”, “Candy Shop” or “Lolly Lolly Adverbs”.  Nope.  Those weren’t going to cut it.  Then what about listing the ingredients – that was a big fat no because, I have no idea what those ingredients even are!  Finally, I thought about some sugar quotes like: Dreams taste like Candy or Lollipops, Life is short make it sweet, Life isn’t always sweet, eat the damn treat, Life is a combination of magic and candy.  Then I finally settled on the quote, “Kindness is like sugar, it makes life taste a little sweeter,” by Carla Yerovi.  That was the one!

I whipped out my computer and Silhouette to make the letters in vinyl (here is the Silhouette that I have and the vinyl).  I needed to decide where exactly this quote was going to go on the lollipop. That was my answer – on the lollipop.  I found a font that I loved and then started to design.  Don’t forget to measure so that it fits in your area how you had envisioned it.  Once the design of the quote was done, it was time to cut the vinyl out.  Another option if you do not have a Silhouette are stencils or free hand draw on the picture.

I also had to find a frame.  My thoughts were to go very clean and simple or super gaudy.  Gaudy it was!  Forrest and I put some black paint on the frame – to help draw out the black in the lettering.  But not perfectly painted, because I wanted some of that fantastic gaudy gold to shine through!  You know I just love this frame!


After everything was dry and I had applied the vinyl to the lollipop picture we had to cut it down to size, place it in the frame and BOOM!  There we go!  It is pretty cute and it will make a “sweet” piece for the wall (ha ha – pun intended :)).


I hope you enjoyed this sweet little DIY (okay-okay, I get it, enough with the puns!)


Design on, in this beautifully undesigned life,


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DIY, Half-Ass DIY

Plant Stand Redo (the half-ass DIY)

Who me!?! The half-ass DIYer!?!

YEP, that’s me!!!

I love to DIY (within reason).  I love remodels, before & afters of anything really.  I just really want to see the end result.

To start, I have inherited a set of Victorian (peacock) chairs, table and plant stand. They look like this table set.  They are very rusty and need a little TLC (sorry I do not have a before pic, but trust me they have been rusting outside in the elements for a good 20+ years).  There has been a lot of talk/discussion about how to fix these worn out metal pieces of furniture.  Between my Dad and Hubby there has been talk of sandblasting, wire brushing, re-tacking, taking it to somewhere for special priming and then painting them.  Most likely the proper way to do things.  I don’t know about you guys but I just want and end result!  I thought, Nah, I will just paint the plant stand first to see how things go before I paint  any of the other furniture – I would just cry my eyes out if I ruined them!

So…. being the half-ass DIYer that I am I decided to forgo any of ideas that my Dad or Hubby had and do it my way!  I will just go out and buy some Rustoleum spray paint and give it a go.

I cleaned it up – or I lied, it rained, like stormed  a few days ago – so I consider that washed. Right?

Then put it in the grass so that my son, Forrest and I, could get to work.  I didn’t have a mask, we improvised and used a hanky.  Use a mask – it is a responsible thing to do.

My Hubby comes over and told us to get it off the grass and use some milk crates (I’m pretty sure he was really annoyed) Ooooppppsssss sorry Hun!

We let it dry for the rest of the afternoon and WHALA!  Here it is!  Pretty damn good if you ask me!!! Not perfect but I am very happy with it!  It gives the look I was going for and it did not even take that long!


The one question I have to ask myself is….. How long will the paint last? PPPffffftttttt – by the time the paint starts to get bad and chip off I will want to change it anyways, so I do not have an answer to that question – and I don’t care 🙂

Design on, my friends, in your wonderfully undesigned life!



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