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Summer is Shitty


So let’s talk about summer.  Summer can be real shitty…… sorry to those of you that like summer.  The vacays are great, the warmer weather is ……ok, just ok.  All the outdoor parties, county fairs, concerts, pool days/evenings, ice cream, blooming flowers and so on.

From that one word “ok”, I’m sure you can tell that I do not dig summer all that much.

I am a pale redhead, that hates the way my body looks.  You will find me standing in any shady spot that can be found in the surrounding area.

I hate being hot, I always get some level of sunburn, all red and blotchy, maybe some “swamp ass” and  my makeup runs off.  That is a bad situation!  Shorts and tank tops are just not an option in my mind, frankly I will not wear them because I hate how I look in them.  I will even make excuses to not go places because it is “too hot” or whatever I can come up with.  Why you ask?  It seems silly.

This all comes down to being self-conscious about my body.  That includes my hair color, my pasty skin and the size of my body.  I am 34 freakin’ years old and I still can’t wear shorts or a sleeveless shirt  because some kid in 6th grade made an asshole comment about my body and hair color.  What the hell!  I love to follow all these body positive blogs and Instagramers.  They are very inspiring.  I might even go out and buy a dress or swimsuit (that I will never wear) because they inspired me so much!  But by the time it comes in the mail (because it would be an impulse buy) and I have tried it on and looked in the mirror – I hate myself.  Why, why, why……  these other girls can embrace and love themselves for how their body, hair or whatever was designed by nature for them – why can’t I do the same!!!!  How am I going to survive the summer!  Our family likes to be outside playing, gardening, going for walks, drawing with sidewalk chalk…….the list goes on.

I can talk all day about losing weight to finally feel like I can wear shorts and a tank top.  But let’s be real here, there is no way in hell I am going to give up going for a truck ride and getting a freshly scooped ice cream cone at the lake.  Or out to dinner and drinks with the girls.  Or even just because I want a damn cookie.  I will not starve (I did that for far too many years) because that will be bad for all parties around me.  If I am hot AND hungry – bad news, bad news folks!

Then that leads to finding outfits that are cool, that in my mind are not shorts and tank tops.  I can’t be buying new clothes all the time and I do not really love to wear skirts or dresses…… now what?

Change the way you think and see yourself.  Be proud of who you are as an individual.  That is all wonderful to help build yourself up and I can preach that all day long, but when I get home and am getting dressed, the mean girl appears in the mirror and tells me that I look like a corpulent, almost glowing, gross person…… now what?

I know, I am not alone in this world with feelings like this and I do not know the answer to fix it, but I do have some ideas to help with how you and I see ourselves.  I need this as a reminder to myself almost daily.  Body issues run deep so hopefully one of these suggestions will help you when you are having self doubt when you are getting dressed.

Let’s make this the summer we switch things up!  Switch our thinking so that when we step out for the day, feeling great in our skin not just our clothes.



I made this into a pretty print out so that you can use it for your very own inspiration!  You deserve to feel beautiful!

Shape Switch


Let’s step out feeling and looking good all in the pursuit of designing our undersigned life!


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3 Ways To Beautify A Milk Carton Dollar Spot Find For Gift Giving


Hey Guys, Hey!


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to wrap gifts!  You just threw up in your mouth a little bit – I know you did!

For real though, I do love to wrap gifts!

It is so exciting when you give someone a beautifully wrapped gift – it’s like a gift in a gift!

So here I wanted to show you 3 ways in which I decorated (plus examples of what I would put in them) cardboard milk cartons from the Target Dollar Spot (llllluuuuuvvvvveeeeee the Dollar Spot – no shame).


I wanted to show you some ways to give some thoughtful gifts without spending a ton of money and how to decorate with things you may have around your house.  Starting with….


Bubble Gum Carton


Milk Carton from Target Dollar Spot

Elmers Glitter Glue

Half Dome Silver Beads (that I took off of a shirt before I threw it away because I ruined in the washer-oopps)

Gift Tags (from A Beautiful Mess, Happy Mail & Messy Box – I may be slightly obsessed with this – just sayin’)

Decorative Twine

 Gum Goodies




First before you put anything in this, you have to decorate it.   That’s what this post is about…..  remember 😉  I recommend keeping it flat to decorate. Once you have it decorated and it is dry, flip it over and decorate the other side.  If you put it together, then decorate it, it makes it so the glue could run and your beads may slide off.  To get started use the Elmers Glitter Glue to attach the Half Dome Silver Beads on one flat side only.  I also put some dots of glue just to add color – to amp up the pinkish bubble gum theme.  Toss some tissue paper in there, put your gum goodies in there, add a fun summery tag and finally tie it all shut with coordinating pink twine.  Done. It is so cute!






I did not just put in Bubble Yum and Bubble Tape- 2 packs of gum does not cut it.

Fill that sucker full!

If you are going to give a greatly wrapped gift – the gift inside has to be better than the packaging!

You do not have to spend a ton of money, you just have to be thoughtful.

So put in some Big League Chew, little packs of gum and a ton of Double Bubble.

The gift receiver will be fully stocked.



Next up…

Cars & Candy Carton


Milk Carton from Target Dollar Spot

Colorful Brads

Gift Tags (from A Beautiful Mess, Happy Mail & Messy Box – linked up above)

Decorative Twine

Matchbox Cars & Candy





First before you put anything in this, you have to decorate it.  To decorate this, I found it easiest to undo the glued seam so that the entire milk carton can lay flat in one solid piece.  Then take a small screw driver and poke holes all over it.  Make sure that your holes are small enough so that the brad does not slip all the way through.  Then add the brads and glue the container back together.

To keep it a little more masculine use some blue tissue paper, added a funky tag and decorative twine to tie it all shut.

Done.  Isn’t this tag the cutest!?! Thanks ABM!

I asked my son, Forrest if he thought this was “boy enough”, he shrugged his shoulders and said yeah.  I’ll take that as a success.



Fill It Up

Time to fill it up with goodies!  I let Forrest (my son) pick out what cars he wanted and some candy.  He was pumped – he thinks we need to do gift blogs ALL the time – yeah- I bet he does!  Insert eye roll emoji.

Forrest went with 4 Matchbox cars and an Oreo Candy Bar.  It ended up being around $5.

Don’t forget…..

You do not have to spend a ton of money to give a cool gift.  Wrapping it in fun ways adds to the “coolness” of it 🙂



Next up…

Glitter & Gold Candy Carton


Milk Carton from Target Dollar Spot

Elmers Glitter Glue/or any glue – it will not be seen

Gold Pineapple Washi Tape

Adhesive Glitter Letters (also from the Dollar Spot at Target)

Little Pocket Picture Holder and Sticker for the Gift Tag

Decorative Twine




Remember……  decorate first.  To decorate this, do the same as the Cars & Candy Carton, it easiest to undo the glued seam so that the entire milk carton can lay flat in one solid piece.  Then take the Washi tape and diagonally put it on the carton.  Trim the edges, to have a clean finish.   Then glue the container back together.  Add the glitter letters (I ended up gluing them because they would not stick to the glossy washi tape).  Add the little pocket photo holder, slapped a sticker on it and attached it with some gold twine to close it up.


Let me tell you….  the glitter was EVERYWHERE!!






This was filled to the brim with all kinds of chocolate.

And you will notice I stuck a cupcake chap-stick in there just in case you need it from all the chocolate.


If you are going to give a greatly wrapped gift – the gift inside has to be better than the packaging!

You do not have to spend a ton of money you just have to be thoughtful.

AND……  Chocolate makes everything better……right!?!?!?!





So there you go.  Some fun, unconventional and easy ways to give a thoughtful gift!

Keep on designing in this undesigned life,





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Lollipop Framed Art with a Sweet Quote


Lollipop Framed Art with a Sweet Quote

This DIY ended up not being so half-assed.  It took a little longer than I anticipated.

I super LOVE to color.  It is my way of relaxing and sorting things out in my head.  I colored this picture of a Lollipop with bright neonish colors.  Isn’t it so cute?!!  I really love it – the picture itself makes me happy.  So, my first thought is…..  what can I do to this so that I can see it everyday???  Well, duh Kari, add a quote, frame it and hang it in the kitchen.  Perfect!

Now it was time to decide what to put on it this amazing picture.  I must say, this was the hardest part!  I started with song lyrics.  They were all very 90’s inspired.  Which I love but just wasn’t feeling it, for example, “I Want Candy”, “Candy Shop” or “Lolly Lolly Adverbs”.  Nope.  Those weren’t going to cut it.  Then what about listing the ingredients – that was a big fat no because, I have no idea what those ingredients even are!  Finally, I thought about some sugar quotes like: Dreams taste like Candy or Lollipops, Life is short make it sweet, Life isn’t always sweet, eat the damn treat, Life is a combination of magic and candy.  Then I finally settled on the quote, “Kindness is like sugar, it makes life taste a little sweeter,” by Carla Yerovi.  That was the one!

I whipped out my computer and Silhouette to make the letters in vinyl (here is the Silhouette that I have and the vinyl).  I needed to decide where exactly this quote was going to go on the lollipop. That was my answer – on the lollipop.  I found a font that I loved and then started to design.  Don’t forget to measure so that it fits in your area how you had envisioned it.  Once the design of the quote was done, it was time to cut the vinyl out.  Another option if you do not have a Silhouette are stencils or free hand draw on the picture.

I also had to find a frame.  My thoughts were to go very clean and simple or super gaudy.  Gaudy it was!  Forrest and I put some black paint on the frame – to help draw out the black in the lettering.  But not perfectly painted, because I wanted some of that fantastic gaudy gold to shine through!  You know I just love this frame!


After everything was dry and I had applied the vinyl to the lollipop picture we had to cut it down to size, place it in the frame and BOOM!  There we go!  It is pretty cute and it will make a “sweet” piece for the wall (ha ha – pun intended :)).


I hope you enjoyed this sweet little DIY (okay-okay, I get it, enough with the puns!)


Design on, in this beautifully undesigned life,


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Mom Life

Motherhood: Learning From The Clouds


Most children look to the clouds and see angels, dragons, dolphins, or cars! Just about anything that they see on the ground can be seen in the clouds – but not my little man!


Look to the clouds – Quote by Forrest:

“You see that up there, in the clouds, that’s me holding my little brother and sister’s hands!”


I look over at Carl and both of our eyes well up with tears.

Well, this wasn’t in the parenthood manual!  (By the way, if you find that manual let me know I would like to purchase it.)

What do we do or even say!?!  This is not what I expected.  This is not how my life was designed in my mind!  We do everything that we can to give Forrest everything that he needs,  wants and deserves.  But I cannot give him a brother or sister.  It is just not possible – I wish it were possible, but it is not.

But wait….. Forrest is not sad!  He is excited that he gets to be in the clouds with his brother and sister.


As I think back to this moment in time, I am somber and even bitter.  But yet, my heart is so crammed full with warm fuzzies too!

What the hell did we do right!?!

And what the hell is going on up in those clouds!

I think he is on to something.  What is the view like up there?  In the clouds you can do anything!  How courageous of him.  He is happy there.  How many of us just hang out here on earth with our heads in the sand or even look to the sky and don’t see a thing?  I want to go where my imagination can be free.   Where no one is saying, “be realistic”.  As we get older we lose all of that.   That day I learned  from Forrest!  Is there some sort of chapter in this parenthood manual that tells you about the things your own child will teach you while looking at clouds?  Cause that would be a friggin’ amazing chapter!


I am learning to look to the clouds while still having my feet on the ground .  Thanks Forrest!!!




Design on, in this beautifully undesigned life,




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Being An Adult, Do I Get An Award For That?

Hey Guys, Hey!

Do you ever get done with a day and think to yourself:

That was a long day!

I’m so glad this day is over!

I hated today!

I need a friggin’ drink!

Is today ever going to end!?!

Someone may die today if they are not careful!

Is it Friday yet?

I am going to punch them in the throat! (I don’t know maybe this one is just me.)

I deserve an award, ribbon, trophy or some kind of sh*t for today!  Yeah, I am with ya (and sometimes these thoughts don’t even make it to the end of the day).

One of the things I like to do when I am feeling down or stressed is to do something kind for some one else (you may have been a victim of my snail mail hustle).  It makes me feel better – you kind of forget your own problems for a little bit.

Some days it is hard to even get out of bed!  Life has a way of getting you worn down and depressed.  So rather than give you some inspirational quote or a list of things you will never do to make yourself feel better, I thought, why not give an award!  They could be a fun way to get smiling or someone else smiling!  Plus I love to do stuff like this!  So I went ahead and made some award pins for things that you really do deserve to get an award for!!!!  Things that seem funny because, you are supposed to just do this stuff as part of life- but some days, damn it, they are hard!

Look at this (Snapchat filters are amazing)!  I am such an angel that I have a friggin’ halo AND an award for being NICE!!!! HA!

Print one out or send it via email or text to someone (or yourself) that could really use the recognition.  You know….  a co-worker – who is having a bad morning, your kid – wiped his own damn butt, your sibling or parents- made it through the Holidays without saying something rude, the list goes on.  These awards that I made are more of an every day kind of success.  Check them out!

NOTICE: If you do not have a sense of humor about life I recommend not reading these.  You clearly would not understand the power of them to bring smiles. (Just sayin’)


I mean, really, we all know someone that deserves to have these (that may include yourself)!  Life is not what we have designed in our minds but we sure as hell can have some fun with this undesigned life of ours!

Design on, in this beautifully undesigned life,



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Half-Ass DIY

Half-Ass DIY Cactus Garland

Hey Guys, Hey!

Today we are going to talk about the Half-Ass DIY Cactus Garland!  I am unsure why, but lately I have been really into Cactus sh*t.  I have been going over and over and over different ideas for over the couch art ideas.  Then I found a canvas cactus watercolor print at Hobby Lobby for pretty cheap and thought – THAT’S IT!  It’s in my budget and I like it – win  win!  So there was my jumping off point.  Then I found a smaller canvas with a almost identical watercolor print.  Now what could I do to add some texture and movement to the wall????  I thought what about some kind of garland that I can design?  Then evolved the Cactus Garland idea.  I decided to go with felt – that would add some texture and then I could get some other things to add to it to get the texture I was looking for.

The list of supplies to get started:

  • Heavier Felt (11×17 – 3) – I went with dark green for the base of all the Cacuts shapes.
  • Felt (8×10 – 2 of each color) – I picked a lime(y) green and aqua.
  • Leather Cording
  • Pom Poms (of coordinating greens and a pack of small white)
  • Fabric Glue/Hot Glue Gun – For me this fabric glue did not work- I ended up going with the regular glue gun.
  • 4 – 8.5×11 plain card stock pieces of paper
  • Marker
  • Hole Punch
  • Yarn (was for the decorative tassels at the top of the photo)


I suggest getting a treat to get this Half-Ass Sh*t DONE!!! Add a coffee or soda put on your fave playlist and you have a great afternoon set to go 🙂 (by the way, that brownie was amazing)

First make a stencil.  You can get some pics off line to trace or free-hand them like I did.  They ended up being around 7.5″ tall.  You can make any size that works for your space.  Then I cut out the card stock and traced them onto the heavier felt. Since I am a half-asser, I wasn’t sure how many I would need (I could have measured the spot that I wanted to hang them and that jazz – but, NAH)  – so I just fit as many to a sheet that I could.

Now comes the fun part!  Time to get creative!  If you have Little’s this is a fun project to do.  Let me remind you that this does NOT have to be perfect!  The imperfections of your designs are what make this unique and enjoyable for the eye to look at. (Remember that!!!)

I separated all the different colors into little bowls and we sat down and got to designing!  FUN!!!  Look at that level of concentration!

After some trial and error on the different shapes this is the final document that we ended up with.  I let them dry on the stove, pulled all the hot glue strings off and then punched a hole in the top to string the leather cording through.  I had trouble getting the cacti to stay exactly where I wanted on the leather cording so I hot glued them on the back.

And here is the finished look!!!!



Design on- in this beautifully undesigned life,



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Mom Life

Failing @ Motherhood

I feel like this is going to be some sort of ongoing series that I will be able to write about every damn day!


I was reading a blog post one day, and while laughing and reading these sentences about the birds and the bees, I  realized – I am failing my child as a mother……  I do not want to have any sort of conversation with my 6 year old about this!  Will that traumatize him more than watching some dirty porno?  I don’t know – BUT as of now – I am not willing to risk the future of my beautiful  baby boy.  When I put the word baby in there – it makes it ok, because “babies” would not understand the birds and the bees at all.  When he starts asking me questions I will think about what to say then, at that moment!

Learning about sex might be the quintessential rite of passage. The moment we understand the frankly off-putting way babies are made is the moment all our imaginary …


This story is not a birds and the bees story but more about the difference between a girl and a boy.

Here is my proof that I am failing (hard – failing hard)!

My kid was in the tub.  He is my one and only earthly child so unfortunately for him, I have no one else to bother so I hang out in the bathroom with him while he takes a bath.  Ya know, so he doesn’t drown.  Because that is what a good mother does, she sits on the toilet, not peeing or pooping – with the lid down, on her phone playing Tetris while her kid plays in the tub.  Sigh…..  another failure.

ANYWAYS, I had to pee, real bad.  So I got up and carefully went to pee, covering all my girl parts with my shirt so that he couldn’t see me and be scared for life seeing his mom’s “privates”.  He looks at me…..  I say, what babe?  He is very curiously looking at me while in the background you can hear my pee whizzing into the toilet water.  With such curiosity in his face, I started to panic, he is going to ask me something I do not want to answer!!!!  I knew I should have just pissed my pants or went outside behind the house – dammit life!!!

Momma, he says, girls don’t have penises right?  As I am still pissing.  Right hun, girls do not have penises.  Whew, dodged that bullet……..

Momma, he says again with an almost light bulb moment.  “Is it weird to pee out your butthole?”  In his mind, he had finally figured it out!!!  Good thing I was already peeing, because I may have pissed my pants!

I answered him, matter of factly, “Yes, yes it is weird peeing out my butt hole.”  He was good with that answer and continued on playing.  I kind of think he was proud of himself for figuring that out.  Whew, dodged that bullet!!!!  ……or did I????…..


Then later that night it hit me – FAILURE!!  I am a complete FAILURE!!!


Design on, in this beautifully undesigned life,



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DIY, Half-Ass DIY

Plant Stand Redo (the half-ass DIY)

Who me!?! The half-ass DIYer!?!

YEP, that’s me!!!

I love to DIY (within reason).  I love remodels, before & afters of anything really.  I just really want to see the end result.

To start, I have inherited a set of Victorian (peacock) chairs, table and plant stand. They look like this table set.  They are very rusty and need a little TLC (sorry I do not have a before pic, but trust me they have been rusting outside in the elements for a good 20+ years).  There has been a lot of talk/discussion about how to fix these worn out metal pieces of furniture.  Between my Dad and Hubby there has been talk of sandblasting, wire brushing, re-tacking, taking it to somewhere for special priming and then painting them.  Most likely the proper way to do things.  I don’t know about you guys but I just want and end result!  I thought, Nah, I will just paint the plant stand first to see how things go before I paint  any of the other furniture – I would just cry my eyes out if I ruined them!

So…. being the half-ass DIYer that I am I decided to forgo any of ideas that my Dad or Hubby had and do it my way!  I will just go out and buy some Rustoleum spray paint and give it a go.

I cleaned it up – or I lied, it rained, like stormed  a few days ago – so I consider that washed. Right?

Then put it in the grass so that my son, Forrest and I, could get to work.  I didn’t have a mask, we improvised and used a hanky.  Use a mask – it is a responsible thing to do.

My Hubby comes over and told us to get it off the grass and use some milk crates (I’m pretty sure he was really annoyed) Ooooppppsssss sorry Hun!

We let it dry for the rest of the afternoon and WHALA!  Here it is!  Pretty damn good if you ask me!!! Not perfect but I am very happy with it!  It gives the look I was going for and it did not even take that long!


The one question I have to ask myself is….. How long will the paint last? PPPffffftttttt – by the time the paint starts to get bad and chip off I will want to change it anyways, so I do not have an answer to that question – and I don’t care 🙂

Design on, my friends, in your wonderfully undesigned life!



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